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    HHD ddo configurations


    by anaricio ·

    There are several programs that allow older Bios to handle larger HHD’s. My specific problem is getting a linux server system on to a seagate 60 gig HHD. After the failed attempt, the drive will not accept win2000 or xp systems either. and the original seagate install cd will no longer uninstall the ddo.

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      Reply To: HHD ddo configurations

      by fred07 ·

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      either go online too seagate and download their boot disk or use the old maxblaster dos disk to completely erase “format” your disk

      I once had to slave a new HD to and old pc and do a norton wipe to completly erase a HD

      also did you fdisk the mbr when you attempted to format the second time, old mbr’s will create their own probs when attempting to reinstall after a failed install


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