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By topbudgetcomputers ·
HELP! MS Outlook Networking
I NEED HELP. I have networked a few computers together in a peer to peer system and am using win98. I shall be migrating to (win2k Pro later). I also use MS Outlook for my small business. I urgently need to configure all my computers to use MS Outlook that is on my machine. i.e. I need to map my MS Outlook so that my secretary and other staff can all access and use the very same MS Outlook.
Can someone please explain how this can be done in simple steps.
I havetried to create a shortcut from my desktop to other desktops, but it does not work. I really need this by tomorrow evening and would appreciate all the help.
You can contact me directly on or post a reply on this site.

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Install Exchange

by HabsRule In reply to HHEELLLLLLPPPP !!! MS out ...

You need to have an Exchange mail server installed on your network, with ID's and mailboxes setup for each user. If your peer network has Internet access, you could also go out on the Internet and setup free email Internet accounts. For example, at

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Yes Install Exchange but first...

by freddo frog In reply to Install Exchange

Great Idea, install Exchange Server but what I would do prior to this is find a brick wall and start hitting it with your head, really, really hard & lots of times. This will prepare you for the joys of running another dog of a program from MS.
I know what I'm talking about here as I used to spend most of my time patching, maintaining etc Exchange on a small network. Now I'm supporting about 15 times the number of users on Linux mail servers. Sure we still have email problems but nowhere near the dramas as using Exchange Server.

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by topbudgetcomputers In reply to Yes Install Exchange but ...

Aaaahhhh Linux. Good old linux.

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by HabsRule In reply to HHEELLLLLLPPPP !!! MS out ...

If you are trying to setup your network so that everyone can run your installed copy of Outlook, that will not work. Each person needs a copy installed on their own computer.

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outlook on all machines

by topbudgetcomputers In reply to Outlook

I have outlook installed on all machines, I need them to read the files on my machine. i.e. all machines should be able to access my files. Your help will be appreciated

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folders / permissions

by jjffdd In reply to outlook on all machines

have you tried to add a public folder - share it with appropriate permissions

share your mailbox and configure the other users to have their outlook open that mailbox as well on start up

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by HabsRule In reply to outlook on all machines

If its a mailbox folder you want to share. Right click on the folder, then select Properties, then select Permissions to give other access to the mailfolder.

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by Edward Clint In reply to HHEELLLLLLPPPP !!! MS out ...

Just curious, did you post this in QnA as well? seems more fitting there.


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by topbudgetcomputers In reply to QnA...?

No, but thanks for the tip. Will try it there also

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by paul In reply to HHEELLLLLLPPPP !!! MS out ...

The simple answer is that you need to share the directory that your outlook.pst file is in (on my Win 98 machine, outlook.pst is in c:\windows\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook). The other users need access to the file and must open it in their copy of Outlook. Remember each user must have their own version of Outlook installed, it can't be run from your machin.

How you share the directory is slightly more complicated, but if you've setup the network I assume you know about that!


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