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Hi I was wondering if you could build me a helpdesk system on Visual Basics 2005 including all the requirements in the scenario?
When callers contact the call centre on the phone they are asked for their user name and taken through the validation process as described in the above scenario, once the caller has been verified they are asked if they want to log a new call or update/query an existing call.

If the caller is entering a new call they are asked for the details of the call and the call is logged on the system[1].

The helpdesk user enters the data direct but much of the data is populated from drop down menus, this is to prevent data entry error and also to allow standardisation of the data (such as call area, job type etc) standardisation of data is required as it make the reporting of calls at the managerial level easier and it is essential that this selection from drop down list is implemented.

The drops down lists need to be maintained in a separate section, this maintenance is required as the lists may change is a new department is added or if there is a new classification of problem etc.

The problem description and summary information is free text entry.

The call date is automatically populated with the current date and if the call is closed the closure data is also automatically populated.

When a call is retrieved, the caller will give the call id to the helpdesk user and this is used to retrieve the call details and then the caller may give the updated information to the helpdesk user who will update the call.

If the caller does not know their user name they are able to give their name and the helpdesk user has access to a lookup which will display the options for that name and validation will then allow the detail to be retrieved and verified.

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Are you ready to pay for the development?

by TobiF In reply to hi

One important piece of information is missing in your message.
Are you prepared to pay for this job, or do you hope that someone would develop, test and launch it for you free of charge?
(I'm not a developer myself, so I personally won't do it, for sure... )

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Try this one out, it is free "Jitbit HelpDesk 2.7"..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to hi

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