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    by ashava ·

    I would like to find out if its possible to connect 2 routers to a modem.
    for instance
    router 1 connected to the modem via cat6 cable
    router 2 connected to the modem via cat6 cable.
    I live in an apartment where there Ethernet ports in each room, i would like to connect router 1 in the living room .
    router 2 in the bedroom.

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      This is one of those YES BUT questions.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Hi

      Yes, this can be done however most folk will NEVER do this as it has for decades DOUBLED the monthly cost of your connection.

      Remember I take your post as presented. That is, your setup is indeed a modem and not the usual modem+router ISPs supply today.

      Again, it’s almost always supported by the ISPs but you pay for that second modem connection.

      -> Why would you need this? For me I needed better WiFi for reasons in another part of the house. I opted for a PowerLine Kit with WiFi.

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        Re: modem

        by kees_b ·

        In reply to This is one of those YES BUT questions.

        I doubt if you’re right. He has one modem (unsure where it’s located) and wants WiFi in the living room and WiFi in the bedroom also. As I read is, there is only one modem.
        And he wants to use the existing Ethernet-ports in both rooms to provide WiFi, so his laptop and phone work in both rooms. Seems a reasonable wish.

        Usually, in an appartment (unless it’s a really big one) WiFi in one room can work well in the other room. So that’s the first thing to try.
        If it doesn’t work satisfactory, a repeater, a mesh network or a power line extender are common solutions. But if there already is Ethernet in the second room, another independent router should work also in my opinion. But it would form a separate network, with it’s own SSID and password.

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          by ashava ·

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          Hi bud. thanks for the feedback. yes the modem is in a cabinet in the wall. from the modem there cat6 cable that connects to ethernet port rack (multiple Ethernet ports) which is labled 1 to 6 and each room in the apartment has a ethernet port on the wall. so from the modem port 1 a cat6 is connected to port 1 on the Ethernet port rack. In the living room Ethernet port in wall labled 1 is where i can connect router 1 and i have wifi. but because the apartment structure the signal get weak in the other rooms. if i could post a picture it will explain alot better.
          So is it possible to run cable modem port 2 to ethernet rack port2. Ethernet Port 2 in wall in the bedroom to router 2 to get wifi.
          Thank you for your response

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          “That’s no moon.”

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to modem

          Sorry but that must be the usual MODEM+ROUTER many ISPs supply. As such you can do as you wish and it will work (almost) fine in almost any situation.

          -> Now that we know it’s the usual MODEM+ROUTER you can plug in some router in the area you need coverage or get a WAP (Wireless Access Point.) Routers are more flexible and cost about the same.

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        by ashava ·

        In reply to This is one of those YES BUT questions.

        thanks for your reply bud.
        its one of those supplied by Isp. modem and router.
        modem is in a cabinet on the wall.. i have Ethernet ports in each room. router 1 is the living room and signal is weak in the other rooms.

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          Who’s Bud?

          by itsdigger ·

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