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Hi all. I need help with network design.

By osatronx ·

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Yes I'll help you here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hi all. I need help with ...

The answer to this is in your Text Books study them it is the only way that you'll learn anything.

In the mean time you best hope that one of your teachers doesn't see this post they tend to take cheating like this very badly.


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I'll charitably assume

by Tigger_Two In reply to Hi all. I need help with ...

That this isn't homework.

In doing this, I then have to ask why a "big sales company" would entrust the design of their network to someone who has no experience in doing such a thing. From an ethical perspective, you should be recommending that your management team consider a contractor to, at a minimum, create the design. Potentially, they would also want to engage an infrastructure PM to oversee the actual deployment.

Number of pcs that need to access the network is a key piece of information as is a sense of the company's desire to grow the network that is implemented. Distance between buildings is also a key piece of information as it can have a bearing on the infrastructure you would emplace. Other considerations might include specifics regarding what applications are in use and what requirements they have.

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