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Hi everyone! What is the best way to develop a web appliaction?

By Niro92 ·
I'm not an expert in this field. My knowlwdge is not enough to be a professional web developer. I'm looking for a career in softwate development side.
My question is what is the best way to develop a web application. Because there are many ways I found. You can use PHP code, or ASP.net ..etc...
Among these technologies what is the best technology I should improve?

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Web Appliaction

by Vitsusa In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...

It depends on your goal and which type of data base you want to use in the project. It also covers some basic ideas and technologies in web development, such as JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL), the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API, and two-tier, client-server architecture. MySQL is a popular open source database management system commonly used in web applications due to its speed, flexibility and reliability.

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Best Way to develop Web Application

by msamueladams In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...

For a front-end framework, I am gonna recommend Angular 2. Its a JavaScript open-source framework specifically designed for single-page web applications.
If you are looking for a back-end framework, then go for Laravel. Laravel is most advanced PHP framework for building web-applications.

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Best way to develop web application

by aditibhatt227 In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...

As you are the beginner in this field , first of all you should be clear about all concepts in web development and then take decision regarding your area of interest. As you don't have any experience you should first decide on what part you want to grow yourself between front end and back end. Front end is the user interaction way where style, design, layout etc. is kept in mind while back end is the way where typical process happens, it is the developing part using different server side language.

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Angular JS

by algoworkstechnolog1 In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...

You can opt for Angular JS to develop a web application, as it is highly preferred by the industry players. It is also the topmost web application Framework which follows push-based MVC architecture.

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What is the best way to develop a web appliaction?

by Ruth1529997128 In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...

Please tell me when you know the answer. Thanks.

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Best approach for development of a web application

by VinBoris In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...

The best approach to develop a website is to take professional help and hire an experienced team of web developers. Make sure that they use the latest framework, tools, and trends for the development of your website. You should also go for a mobile app for your business. Smartphones are widely used and with a mobile app, you can reach more customers.

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No best way

by masloord In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...

There are always pros and cons for each of the framework / language be it back end or front end . I guess in the end you have to weight the pros and cons and see what fits your project as well as the amount of time needed to learn each of the framework or language.

If you want to start , i would recommend developing in javascript . The pros is that you can develop both front end and back end using javascript via node js , react js , angular and you will have to learn the different data structure eg , NOSQL , SQL .

Depending on what you choose , in the end you will be looking for a job and i have seen a wide variety of job requirement . Choosing the popular framework and language depending on the trend of that particular country will help you in meeting most of the requirement set by the companies.Technical interviews might be included as well , so revising and researching on best practices and doing coding exercise is also important . I make it a habit to at least do one coding exercise everyday .

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What is the best way to develop a web appliaction?

by Daniel@30 In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...


I would like to answer the question CMS like wordpress, shopify are dominating the market. Even i would prefer to buy a theme than spend hours coring or learning. So i dont see anything bright for web developers. Most high level customization will be provided by plugins and online softwares on subscription basis. So ya, in short this.

You can check some example from here http://seo-advanced-techniques.blogspot.com/2018/07/8-devops-trends-to-follow-in-2018.html



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Best way to learn web application

by hackrio In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...


I was on the hunt for an article about a best way to learn application today when I found your post How to be web developer

you can learn web application on tacking online course on Udemy, Hackr.

W3 school has great resources to learn web application



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develop web application

by Denny234 In reply to Hi everyone! What is the ...

As it was said before, you must choose what do you want to develop, with what purpose and so on. If PHP, use Laravel for a back-end. Anyway, without good skills and experience, it`s better to hire some specialized company if you need to do all fast and without a headache. Some of such companies Iflexion, Matellio and Buildateam.io

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