Hi friends gudmorning.....

By shameerkassim ·
My client need raid ...i am install server 2003 small buisness edition ...Which Raid is sutable and more secured ...anybody can u help me pls...
please id

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Depends on what will be running off the array.

by seanferd In reply to Hi friends gudmorning.... ...

I would default to RAID 10, but it depends on whether reading or writing is more important.

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It's SBS so Seanfred's the answer to question

by neilb@uk In reply to Hi friends gudmorning.... ...

of whether reading or writing is most important is "yes".

RAID 10, I agree with him, is probably best but you should also address the cluster size. Do NOT use the default! Use 16KB on the system partition and 64KB on any partitions used for Exchange or SQL.

If it's SBS 2008 then you are (according to MS) OK with the alignment of the partition boundary, but check it out, anyway. Important for SQL and Exchange, again.


As for Security, any two disks in a RAID 5 and you're toast. Given that the rebuild time for large SATA drives is quite a long time, there is a definite risk (but still VERY small) of total data loss with a second disk frying during the rebuild of the first failure. If you're looking to use 2TB SATA, for instance, check out RAID 6 if you're paranoid. But, to be honest, I've got lots of RAID 6 on big SATA in my SAN and I wish I'd have done RAID 5. I'd have a few more TB now. But I've got good disks with a well-documented MTBF so I can do the maths.

RAID 1+0 is a "nested RAID" - a stripe of mirrored pairs - so you need to lose both disks in a mirror pair to lose data. It's statistics: in a six-disk array, the chance of losing data with the failure of a second disk is 33%. Do you feel lucky?

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& reduce possibility of multiple disk failure

by seanferd In reply to It's SBS so Seanfred's th ...

by getting disks that are not all from the same manufacturing run - pick 2 different vendors or something.

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