Hi, I have a Gateway PC that wont boot. Can someone give me a hand?

By Jmcentee ·
A few days ago I turned my Computer on, and it just started hanging on the Gateway Logo(Press F2 F10). It also would not allow me to use my keyboard or mouse. Then the front LED stopped coming on, and only the fan and hard drive and disc drive would turn on. The Hard drive is fine (tested), I have tried removing and reinstalling the RAM,and also the PCI cards. I've also taken out the CMOS battery. When I pull out all of the memory I do get the beeping. Could it be the PSU? One time last night it did go past the Gateway screen, and the mouse powered on, but not the keyboard, so I had to shut it down again. I'm not sure what else to try, any ideas?

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might be the PSU or MOBO

by frankotech In reply to Hi, I have a Gateway PC t ...

Speaking from experince, Ive run alot in to Emachines and Gateways, both always with PSU and MOBO problems
If your hardware works fine on other machines, test you PSU aswell, narrowing it down to MOBO
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Will do. Another Question?:

by Jmcentee In reply to might be the PSU or MOBO

Im going to go out and get a new PSU tonight and try it. Hopefully thats it.. If not do you know, what the best way is to get your MOBO repaired, is it expensive? Im rather new, and have not really dealt with a MOBO problem yet. I appreciate your help.

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Mobo repair

by Charvell In reply to Will do. Another Question ...

is actually usually a replacement. You may be able to get it done under warranty from Gateway if your machine is under warranty.

Is your keyboard PS/2 or USB? One thing to try would be using a different keyboard that uses a different port. So, if you are using a PS/2 keyboard, try a USB one or Vice Versa. It could be that the mobo is ok, but that port has gone bad. (Additionally, if you are already using a USB keyboard, try a different USB port).

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Might be cheaper to replace, but

by seanferd In reply to Will do. Another Question ...

look for local computer repair shops which can fix PCBs. You can have a look yourself, as one of the most common board failures are capacitors going bad. If the caps are bulging, or if one is leaking something, or looks burned, a capacitor replacement would fix the problem (hopefully).

Make sure you get a decent PSU with enough power, since you are trying that first.

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One more thing..

by Jmcentee In reply to Might be cheaper to repla ...

Thanks All, I wanted to add one more note. Sometimes when I turn the power on, the LED comes on and everything powers up, but stops at the gateway screen. But then When I power down and power up again, the LED will not come on, and just the fan turns on. And I have to unplug the power cord, and try a couple of times before it fully powers up again. I just wanted to add this in, to see if anyone had any other ideas.

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That is a faulty Power Supply then

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to One more thing..

If you unplug the mains and press the ON Button for about 10 seconds it will discharge the Internal Capacitors and if it starts then the Filter Capacitors in the Power Supply have gone off. You need to replace the Power Supply if that is the case here and I would suggest a Good One instead of what Gateway supply.

Something like a Antec






Would be the way to go here.


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I definitely agree with Col

by seanferd In reply to That is a faulty Power Su ...

He knows what he's talking about, and it does sound more like a PSU issue that way.

I was hoping OH Smeg would post as he always has a list of the good PSU vendors.

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He has to be careful about that

by santeewelding In reply to I definitely agree with C ...

Smote, you know.

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Not Sure what to think.

by Jmcentee In reply to I definitely agree with C ...

Last night I replaced the psu with a corsair,but for some reason Im still getting the same problem. When I turned it on the first time I got no LED, but the fans turned on. Then I unplugged the power, held down the power button and plugged it back in, and the LED lit up, and so did my keyboard. I was able to get to the BIOS settings. Which I looked through and everything seemed fine. So I exit the settings and it goes right back out to the gateway logo, and freezes. So I power it off and back on again, it comes up, but now wont power the keyboard on. This computer is a Gateway GT5242E. I'm really not sure what to think now. Im also still getting the fans only coming on and no LED on the power button, until I cycle the Power. Once I do this I normally get the LED back, but even then sometimes the LED comes on, but it will only start one fan. Any Ideas?

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Well, if you purchased a PSU which provides enough wattage

by seanferd In reply to I definitely agree with C ...

to fully power your system, then we, I believe, are back to damaged capacitors on the system board.

You can try to look for them yourself, as describe twice in this thread, or just take the board to a repair shop (you will have to do this to have any bad caps replaced anyway).

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