hi i have a lptop nc6220 bt i forget my bios password so hw can i remove it

By lovegro ·
to allz

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You Can Use a Backdoor BIOS Password

by Kerah In reply to hi i have a lptop nc6220 ...

Some BIOS manufacturers implement a backdoor password. The backdoor password is a BIOS password that works, no matter what the user sets the BIOS password to. These passwords are typically used for testing and maintenance. Manufacturers typically change the backdoor BIOS passwords from time to time. you can serch your bios manufacture backdoor password .

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Erm the usual response here

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to You Can Use a Backdoor BI ...

is to tell them to contact the manufacturer.

We don't put info like this out in public, just in case the person requesting the info is up to no good. Not saying that's the case here, but how can we tell?

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by NexS In reply to hi i have a lptop nc6220 ...

Especially for Santee

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First of all....

by dkimberlin In reply to hi i have a lptop nc6220 ...

Bios Passwords are a bad idea and do nothing more than frustrate IT workers. They are poop at securing anything. Anyone with google could spend 10 minutes online and come up with a way around it.

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by SPC_TCOL In reply to hi i have a lptop nc6220 ...

.. do you want to remove the bios password?
Do you have to change something in your bios?

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bios password

by johnboi In reply to hi i have a lptop nc6220 ...

i need my bios passwordfor my dell laitutde E4300 can u help

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