hi, I want to get answer on Microsoft office v.x

By tolosaero ·
I have got an apple computer from my friend.But I couldn't use it since it requires purchase of software. and again this computer is not user friendly. Why is it so? It is very nice device but there is complication in its use.Can you help me to operate it and also to use its microsoftword application?

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Ask your friend to help you.... (nt)

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to hi, I want to get answer ...
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??? You got an apple computer from your friend

by w2ktechman In reply to hi, I want to get answer ...

and yet you cant use it? Did your friend (or you) steal it perhaps?
So why are you trying to use MS Office if the computer is too complicated to figure out? Why not just shoot yourself in the head for being a stupid moron?

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The Apple Mac's use a Propriety Software Package

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hi, I want to get answer ...

Developed by Apple for their exclusive use. M$ has made a version of Office 2007 which works on the Apple MAC OSX OS but there is a limitation as to which version of OSX it runs on and as it is a propriety Application if you do not have a Genuine copy of it already installed you need to buy a copy of M$ Office 2008 from M$.

As to how to use this GUI type Interface you would need to ask your friend if they are really that or ask for help specifically for the version of the OS that you have installed by looking here

Or you could chose to wipe the HDD and load a form of Linux like Mandriva which is available here free

This is a Live CD and loads off the CD to run the computer so you can try before you commit to loading it if you like

Or you can purchase a functioning licensed version of Windows and Office from M$ though you may require Windows XP and this may not be so easily obtained and then depending on what it is you want to do Office 2007 is freely available but doesn't support the older M$ Formats natively so you may actually require Office 2003 which is now Old and may be just as hard to get a copy of as Windows XP.

Or you can download Free BSD which is what OSX is based on and have all of the that you require, you should even be able to use this on the Mac OS without too much trouble

While Apple does have some propriety software that you are required to buy from them BSD will run just about anything you require in the way of applications but maybe not in the way of Named Products. Free BSD used a form of Open Office to do the same thing that M$ Office does but at no charge

As for using specific name brand applications like M$ Office and Corel Draw these are propriety products and you need to buy them from their makers or makers agents just like you need to buy software from Apple for more specialized applications. This is true of every computer no matter if it runs Windows or OSX.


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by Kenone In reply to hi, I want to get answer ...

The only MS Office package for macs that I know about is Office 2008

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How to Operate a Mac ......

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to hi, I want to get answer ...

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