Hi is anyone can help me with wireless connection?

By novadd7 ·
Hi is anyone can help me with wireless connection?
I have Windows XP home edition and right from the beginning the wireless connection wasn?t connecting. I installed program Wireless FixP and the shortcut on my desktop. The problem solved by clicking on the shortcut and activating the FixP. It was working perfectly for nearly two years.
But yesterday when switched on my computer and windows opened I clicked on the FixP shortcut the windows failed to find the shortcut. I reinstalled the FixP but after switching of and back on windows failed to find the shortcut again. It behaved very strange on one occasion it connected and set up the event on System restore to go back if the again windows won?t find the shortcut.
But it still behaving randomly by connecting and disconnecting wireless.
May be if sequence of appearance on the toolbar will help to understand it.
1. Windows is open the Wireless icon is on
2. Skype is off.
3. Wireless is off.
Sometimes if I click on Wireless FixP leads to wireless on but sometimes wireless is on without clicking on FixP icon.
Please help?

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And make sure that the service is running

by Jacky Howe In reply to Recreate the shortcut

"Wireless Zero Configuration" and it is set to Automatic.

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Wireless can be VERY annoying

by dbwriter In reply to Hi is anyone can help me ...

Connect to your wireless router with a CAT5 cable. Sometimes a manual refresh helps.

Go to a friend who has a wireless setup. If you can connect there, the problem is at your home.

I have a manual switch on my laptop. It got pushed and I didn't know it. Check for a physical switch or a keystroke that may have turned off wireless.

Do you have any other wireless devices? I have a cable TV transmitter. Even though they are on different channels I have a choice: TV or internet.

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