Hi there, What do you guys do when some keys are sticking on your laptops

By john.eric ·
i m unable to solve this problem.... and i need to fix it ASAP.... need help !!!

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Hi there, What do you guy ...

i gently lift them and wipe the area with a damp cotton swab then gently pop back into place...check laptop user manual to see how they pop on and off

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by NexS In reply to personally

Don't do anything that voids your warranty.

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hi there, What do you guy ...

I replace the Keyboard with a new one.

But if the NB Keys are not too bad you can always use a external USB Keyboard.


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Personal method

by ejcaputo In reply to Hi there, What do you guy ...

Personally, I turn the unit upsidedown and spray the keyboard with kitchen grease remover. Then, while still upsidedown, I use a rag and clean the keyboard. Be careful not to get any of the spray inside your computer if you try this method!

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First of all...

by TobiF In reply to Hi there, What do you guy ...

First of all, do a backup! Then proceed with other ideas of what to do.
As temporary workaround, I've been using external keyboards.
Sometimes, I've been helped by vacuumcleaning the keyboard. Other times (when out or warranty) I've carefully lifted off a couple of keycaps in order to clean the mechanics under them. Usually, you afterwards just push the keycap back into its place.

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by EugeneJohnson In reply to Hi there, What do you guy ...

use vacumecleaner

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There are three approaches....

by robo_dev In reply to Hi there, What do you guy ...

1) Clean/repair the key-hinges:

If the mechanical hinge parts under the keycap are dirty, you just pop off the keycap and clean the white nylon hinge parts.

If the keycap is messed up or the hinge part is broken, you can actually buy single keycaps or hinge parts on ebay (done that for a Dell laptop).

2) Get a new keyboard: this process works every time.

3) Doing keyboard surgery:

Getting deeper inside the keyboard>>

Warning: Taking the whole thing apart will void any warranty and possibly brick the device if you're ham-fisted.

After you have done step #1, above, and it's still not working, then take the keyboard off and take it apart.

Most keyboards have a rubber membrane which both holds the carbon button contact off the keyboard circuit board, and keeps the contacts clean and dry. Over time, the carbon button contact wears off, and the key no longer works. Or if the keyboard has gotten really really soaked in pepsi, you will have to clean off the circuit board.

You can buy a repair compound to touch up the carbon contacts. It's a special conductive paint, and you just clean and re-coat the carbon contacts.

The same repair procedures apply to TV remotes, cordless phones, etc.

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may b this can help!!

by alvin786 In reply to Hi there, What do you guy ...

Hi, it only happened once and a friend had told me to consult this site Check it out!

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