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HI-Video 8 to DVD Software

By rmessier ·
What is the best software / hardware to convert from HI-Video 8 to DVD or CDROM that is available today. I need a software or device that uses either Firewire or USB 2.0 connectivity to transfer a lot of tapes. Please Advise...Thx

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HI-Video 8 to DVD Softwar ...

There are several ways of doing this but it really depends on your existing Hardware. Naturally you'll need either a USB2 or Firewire poret and Firewire would be the better option as it's much faster but without knowing your OS it gets hard and you may be stuck with USB 1.1.

You can use Media Player to convert the files over but it's not overly fast again this depends on your existing hardware naturally a 3.4 GIG CPU with 4 GIG of RAAM is going to do a faster job than a 450 MHS with 128 MEG of RAM.

Once you have the files converted you can use any burning program to save the files to CD/DVD but you should be aware that the burnt CD/DVD's have a life expency of about 3 years under ideal conditions and shorter under less ideal conditions so you'll need to keep a copy on a HDD or regurally transfer the CD/DVD to a HDD and reburn them.

Depending on your curreent OS the best burning program varies with 98 I've found the older versions of Easy CD Creator great but with XP the default Burning software seems to be Nero. Both do the job and again it really depends here on Personal Preferance. But instead of using the bundeled cut down versions that come with a Burner I would recommend buying the complete program you'll find that it's better and easier to get what you want.


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