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    Hibernate mode


    by shaff.2007 ·

    I am unable to use the hibernation mode in my computer, a popup message says that “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process”. My system runs on Windows XP Pro SP2.
    Please help thanks!

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      by shaff.2007 ·

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      Is hibernation mode turned on?

      by omegafire ·

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      Right click on your desktop > Properties > Screen Saver tab > Click the Power Button > Hibernate Tab > Check the “Enable Hibernation”

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      It all depends on how you are accessing it …

      by older mycroft ·

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      So, how are you accessing it?

      If you have navigated to it by using a file manager (Windows Explorer or similar) then if the file manager is still active, and hiberfil.sys remains displayed, Windows will interpret this as “being used by another process”.

      Usually you would only invoke hibernation during the shutdown sequence of a desktop/tower, or by closing the lid of a laptop/notebook. In all of these cases other programs would clearly have been terminated first, otherwise you would be invoking sleep-mode.

      Check if hiberfil.sys is currently displayed anywhere, even inside a minimized window. 🙂

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