Hibernation fails in Windows 7

By jgatys ·
Althrought everything worked fine for about 6 months. Now computer fails to hibernate. It success for about 1/3 times and fails 2/3 times.

There are two different scenarios of failures which occurs randomly:
1. During hibernation screen goes of, HDD is working for few seconds and after that HDD stops working but PC is still powered on. After powering down by pressing power button for 3 sec. and powering on again Windows starts like a normal clean start, like it was just shutted down instead of hibernated.
2. This one is more strange. During hibernation screen goes off, HDD is working for few sec. and finally goes STANDBY instead of hibernate.

In summary: in 1/3 times goes hibernate, 1/3 hangs during hibernation, 1/3 goes standby instead of hibernation.

Things done to resolve problem:
1. Disable/enable hibernation using powercfg -h tool
2. Change hibernation file size to 100% of amount of RAM (powercfg -h size 100)
3. Run deep CHKDSK during system boot
4. Run deep antyvirus scan using Avast 4.8 (in boot mode)
5. Check system logs. All (maybe) usable information I found was - Application and Services Log -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Kernel-Power -> Thermal -> Working of processor 0 (or 1) was reduced by process different than kernel power manager (ID:**).
6. Check running processes to find any strange or suspicious. Didn't find anything suspisious ;-)

Nothing specific has changed to my computer software/hardware
Hardware is: Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo V5545.

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RE: "Change hibernation file size to 100% of amount of RAM"

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hibernation fails in Wind ...

What size was the hibernation file before you changed it?

As a general rule of thumb, the hibernation file should be 2MB SMALLER than the total RAM, otherwise when you attempt to come out of hibernation, there is no RAM available for the system to operate while hibernation is reversed.

If you report that the system has been running fine for 6 months, what system were you running back then before Windows 7 RC was released?

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hibernation file size

by jgatys In reply to RE: "Change hibernation f ...

Well, previously hiber file size was about 1,5 GB (as I suppose it was set to 75%). Anyway either it is 75% or 100% hibernation keeps failing. Before 7 I was running Vista which worked fine in context of hibernation. However I'm using Windows 7 from about six months and it is NOT RC but final version. Since we are Microsoft Partners we had W7 Final much earlier than consumers on MAPS license.

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Well that's news to me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to hibernation file size

I've never thought you could alter the size of the hiber file - what could possibly be the point of saving three quarters of what you are running??!!

Which three quarters would you want to restore when coming out of hibernation? You either Hibernate or you don't! Period.

Are you not maybe confusing this with altering the size of the Pagefile?

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hiber file misterious

by jgatys In reply to Well that's news to me .. ...

Well, that's also strange to me. But you can change hiber file size just by entering on command line "powercfg -h size xx" where xx is percentage of amount of RAM.

Anyway this has nothing to do with my problem. As I said before, amount was set to 75% just after installing Windows 7. Pagefile.sys always had 1,5 GB for me and for six month hibernation worked just fine. Now because it's not longer working I've made some experiments and change it to 100%. All I can say it has nothing to do with my problem.

Regarding the possibility of pagefile size change... I suppose that Windows is only RESERVING space on HDD for hibernation by making pagefile.sys size as you want. However if RAM is full or has more data than pagefile.sys it is automatically extended during hibernation process and shrinked back to set size after resume. Maybe it works this way.

Anyway, if anyone has any idea what the **** is wrong with hibernation on my PC I'll be greatfull.

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by patb071 In reply to Hibernation fails in Wind ...

How are you getting the system to go into hibernation? Pressing the button or going to start > shutdown > hibernate?

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by jgatys In reply to Hibernate

Doesn't matter how do I hibernate PC (closing lcd, pressing power button, software button, start menu).

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Best practice for hybernation feature, turn it off.

by CG IT In reply to Hibernation fails in Wind ...

Its a feature that's never worked right on just about any of the Windows versions.

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by jgatys In reply to Best practice for hyberna ...

True .... until Windows Vista and 7. I was using hibernation on Vista for 2 years on my laptop. I've never shutdown my computer unless I had to because of updates, software installation on something like this. Instead I've always hibernate. For two years on Vista it NEVER.... I say NEVER.... NOT A ONCE failed.

Strange... isn't it ?

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by jgatys In reply to True...


I finally found the cause of this problem. It was so primitive that I didn't come out earlier on this.
I've noticed that this issue almost never happens in my work and almost always happen in my home. What is a difference between my home and work ? Answer is - network location. Of course "network location" known from Windows Vista & 7 has nothing to do with it - I'm talking about physical network in which computer is currently connected to. In wireless network card configuration I found some options typicall for M$ Windows which are (translated from polish to english so may not be exact as in english version of Windows):
a) Allow this computer to turn of this device to preserve power consumption
b) Allow this device to resume computer from standby

Option a) MUST be enabled for computer to be able to hibernate/standby because ALL devices must be compatible to EnergyStar standard to allow computer to hibernate


Option b) allows computer to wake up via "Wake Up on LAN" or Magic Packet (as some call it).

Somehow I had to enable option b) by coincidence so my computer couldn't hibernate because some wake-up packets were flown through network (from router i.e.). That's why in my work this issue had almost never happen where in home in some reasons happened almost every time because of my router or other device in network was sending WOL signals each second.

Problem was very strange - solution very simple ----- as usual ;-)

Thanks to all of you folks helping me try to solve this problem and I hope that this thread will help someone with common problem in future.

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