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By cruffin ·
Logged in under my username with Admin rights on XPSP2, I cannot get the hidden files (Temp. Internet Files) to be displayed. I modified all settings so they should, and I can see them under Default User. Are there settings I'm missing? Also, If I do a Search for Temp. Internet Files, they are displayed, but I can't change the Properties. So far taking up 10MB of space that I want to defrag.

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Log in as Admin

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hidden files

Then open My Computer and click on Tools, Folder Options then View. Scroll down to the Hidden Items list and mark the box that says show Hidden items then apply the change and close.

Incidentally I'm taking it to mean that you want to delete these files not defrag the HDD as you can run defrag with the files hidden and it will work perfectly. Defrag moves files into a continuous listing on the HDD so that they can be accessed faster it doesn't remove any files no matter what you do. I'm taking it that you are trying to remove this 10 GIG of files rather than attempting to run Defrag as Defrag will run with very little free free Disc space just once you get below 15% free space it will ask you do you wish to run Defrag.

To clear space you should also look in the Temp Folder in the Windows Directory and remove everything that you can from there. You'll most likely find that you are loosing more HDD Space there than anywhere else though you need to know that there may be some files in that particular folder that you Can Not remove as Windows is currently using them.


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A few things

by w2ktechman In reply to Hidden files

open IE, go to tools -- Internet Options -- general tab
remove temp IE files from here, and cookies as well.

Also, do a search for *.tmp and delete these.

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