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By sherwindennis ·
i set a folder property to hidden.... after restaring the unit, i can no longer access the folder since folder option is missing...anybody can help? thanks in advance....

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by bhagwat.pillai In reply to hidden folder

Go to MS-DOS promt if u remember the folder name
then type atributes /? in the prompt and you will the attributes option in that you can use the hide file attributes to un hide the folder.
For example:
C> rock(folder name) attributes

You can see how to remove or add attributes using
attributes /? command in dos prompt.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to hidden folder


To be more specific, you should:

Click Start>Run and type


then click OK.

Next, depending on where the folder is you need to navigate to the parent folder (the folder that contains the hidden folder). If your hidden folder is off C then type


and press enter.

Next type

attrib -h foldername

and press enter. SO if your folder was called data you would type

attrib -h data

If your folder is deep somewhere else, for example C:\data\feb04\accounts\week2\private and the private folder is hidden then you would type


press enter, then type

attrib -h private

When you have finished you should type


press enter, and your folder should show up in a list of folders if you have successfully removed the hidden attribute. If the list scrolls off the page type

dir /p

this will allow you to see one page at a time
Hope this helps

Have you lost the ability to show hidden folders from within My Computer - View>Folder Options>View then click the option to show hidden folders?

Good luck!

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by Blackcurrant In reply to

whoops! I should also have said that after you type command - a DOS session will start. When you have finished, type


to return to Windows

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by OTL In reply to hidden folder

If you are in windows, go to where the folder was (for example c:\temp) hit ctrl + A, right click and go to properties and uncheck HIDDEN. Folder should majically appear.

Or in explorer, you could check the box that says show hidden files and folders. My Computer -> tools -> folder options -> view -> files and folders -> hidden files and folders and check the box labled show hidden files and folders.

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by OTL In reply to

Going to rate any of these answers ?

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by PESK, mbcs, mcse, mcitp, sts In reply to hidden folder

In addition to all these posts, I suppose you want access without un-hiding the folder. Right-click on the desktop (or wherever), select NEW > Shortcut, type the location of the hidden folder and Voila! You can access it though it remains hidden. This shortcut can be created in any folder, copied, moved and can also be hidden itself.
In addition, in DOS, the proper command to view INSIDE a hidden folder and hidden objects is:
DIR = SHow Directory Listing
/A = Include files or folder with the HIDDEN attribute set to on
/P = Pause after each pageful of info.

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