I receive several Tech newsletters, and one explained that Windows 7 comes with
an Image on the Hard Drive of the system as it came out of the store. I can't find it.
Can anyone tell me how?

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Not really sure what you are asking here

by OH Smeg In reply to HIDDEN NEW WIN7 OUT-OF-BO ...

If the computer is from a system Maker they mostly come with a Recovery partition. The User Manual will tell you how to access the Recovery partition which you can not see from within Windows as it's a Partition Type not supported by 7.

if you mean a new 7 OEM install with just as it comes without any third party software involved then no they do not have any sort of Image on the HDD. They do have a Base Install Image for want of a better description that the OS can use to help repair itself in the event of something going wrong but this is part of Windows 7 and not a Working Image as such. It's more like a Restore Point based on the HAL.DLL file.


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The Hidden partition

by a.portman In reply to HIDDEN NEW WIN7 OUT-OF-BO ...

Most manufacturers have a factory image on the hard drive in a hidden partition. Their restore CD allows you to use this image to "factory reset" the computer.

Any of the Linux based partition utilities will allow you to see the partition and remove the hidden attribute. It would then become "visible".

You could delete this image and then use your own imaging software to create your own backup in this partition. There is one drawback. If your backup image is on the same physical drive as your production computer, a drive failure kills both. I use a 1Tb USB drive for my home backup. At least then I need two different pieces of hardware to fail to be totally dead.

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