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Hidden Program

By akufayerem.i.nwede ·
I have a computer with a pop-up problem that is memory based instead of coming from the internet. It got on my computer somehow and it now starting to pop-up at annoyingly quick rates to the point where if I leave the PC for 5 minutes, it would overload the memory and cause the computer to reboot. I've done the virus scans and the anti-spyware scans with updated indices. However, they come up with nothing. I check to see if I can see it in the running processes window, but I see no new processes running. I believe that the pop-ups are being generated by a DLL that is somehow loading itslef and is using rundll.exe to run as an application. Please help.

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by ctrservices In reply to Hidden Program

Run both your AV and spyware scanners in Safe Mode. And while here, uncheck all items in Msconfig--Startup except for your AV, Spyware and Firewall apps. Reboot and see what happens.

If you still have problems, download and run HijackThis, then navigate to
for a tutorial on "How to post a HijackThis Log".

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Hidden Program

it sure sounds like nail or vx2
something new? if it is dll you s hould be able to unload it via regsvr
what os, please?
have you run your toools in safe mode and with sytem restore turned off etc etc and what products? worth a try is eweido suite.
nail stands out like a sore thumb if you look at things with HiJackThis and vx2 is older baddie detected by not removable by Ad-Aware SE, at least last time I dealt with it, a couple months ago now.
lurk on the user forums at avasoftusa is my best advice. if you p9ost this at they will go after it like mad dogs but just do as they ask...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

er, meant:

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by antuck In reply to Hidden Program

You may have a difficult task at hand here. I have seen this happen alot lately. Sometimes I have been able to rid the systems of these hidden files and sometimes I have had to just reload windows.

a few web sites to visit are

Run the full scan there. and remove all that it finds.

Next go to

They have a beta online scanner. I have used this several times without any issues. This site has been able to find a lot of garbage and be able to remove them.

You haven't stated what OS you are running. If you are running XP boot to safemode with networking (provided you are on a broadband connection) and run the scans in safe mode.

Make sure before running any scans to disable system restore. Alot of these garbageware files save themselves in system restore.

Another thing to do again if running XP is go to C:\windows\prefetch and empty that folder out. Don't delete the folder just the files inside.

Also do a search for CC cleaner. This is a great tool that cleans up temp files and other files not needed.

Get HiJAck this and run a scan and see what it shows. Most of the time you will be able to find out what dll file is causing you the problem.

The other option is to reload windows. This depends on how much time you wish to spend cleaning up the drive. If you do reload windows, you may want to write zeros to the drive first before formating. This will help ensure the garbage ware doesn't reload itself.

If you want, after running HiJack this, post the files that look supucious and maybe I can help you more.

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