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Hidden users within Windows XP and security limitations

By zczc2311 ·
You might like to think who has access to your PC might you not and you might want to controll they users on your system.

1.Open Control Pannell
2 Administrative Services.
3 Component services.

If SP2 firewall comes clamering in here tell it you want to see.

Follow the tree from the root untill you find
'MY Computer' then right click and then properties and the COM security.

Click Edit Default - then done be your first surprise you will find a user named SYSTEM who has Remote Access. The concept of remote accsss is limited here to explain and is largly dependant on if you have a LAN or Standalone.

Now click add/advanced then find you will see all the users and groups rquired to run your PC or very carefull here - this is not a palace for the faint hearted to play. If in doubt dont touch anything and ask soneone who these users and groups are and are they required for your installation.

Full details are available just download the Document Titled


The Author is US Military and its available from and is unclassified now.

In no less than 100 pages you have complete confidence, understanding and knowledge of a secure environment. This is not light reading and I am sorry to say for the profession it is a must but for the home user just a bit hard to get a grip on sometimes.

P.S as always please excuse the spelling errors

Cheers to all

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