Hidden wireless network settings in Windows

By BlondeOnInside ·

please can someone advise me on this;
I have Vista on one drive of my PC, and I recently installed Windows 7 on the other. Windows 7 did connect to the internet fine, but now doesn't seem to be allowed to join the network. I changed nothing that I know about!

I can access the internet via Vista, and have cross checked every setting I can find but they all look the same.

Can anyone help please? .

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Here are you Dual Booting into Vista Or 7

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hidden wireless network s ...

Or are you running 7 from within Vista as a Virtual Machine?

Doesn't really matter though you need to open 7 and run the Network Setup Wizard as this is a new Installation of a Running OS it's not as yet part of the Network.

If you have already done this you'll need to tell us what type of Network you have there, it's possible that the Domain Controller or whatever it is you have refuses to allow the same bit of Hardware to log in with different Details.


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What kind of PC, what kind of Wireless adapter?

by robo_dev In reply to Hidden wireless network s ...

And how do you connect to the Internet? (WLAN router)?

If you plug the ethernet cable in, does that work?

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LAN Problem

by wacker In reply to Hidden wireless network s ...

On the Windows 7 install, right click on the public folder, right click on sharing then click on advanced sharing and configure your choices.......

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more info

by BlondeOnInside In reply to Hidden wireless network s ...


when I start up the machine I get the option for either operating system and choose which ever so I'm not in Vista when I'm in 7.

It's just my home network with a wireless router.

I don't have an ethernet cable long enough, and its difficult for me to move the PC and I have mobility problems temporarily.

It was working fine on 7 when 7 was first installed, and the only thing I can remember happening in between was a scan by the anti virus.

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So have you run the WiFi Setup Wizard in 7?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hidden wireless network s ...

If you set it to Public or possibly Home Network the change of a MAC Address from the WiFi Access Point could result in the drop out.

If you did run the WiFi Setup Wizard you told it to do something wrong so you;ll need to either fix the existing connection or run it again.


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