hide a colum in excel then auto unhide on at date

By stevesmith27 ·
I would like to hide a colum in excel then auto unhide on at date

Normal use of sheet will have a colum hidden
once a date is reached the hidden colum is then unhidden and now is in use and will remain unhidden.



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I'm not sure about unhiding a column but you can do this...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to hide a colum in excel the ...

Set a date to the desired date....
Run a function (if date = ??? then the value in the cell = ????) where ??? = your desired dates & values.

See this link for some more info...

There are many more examples, this was the first Google hit I got.

You could possibly run a macro against the date to unhide the column but sometimes people have macros disabled.

Edited for - check these out also...

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In addition....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to I'm not sure about unhidi ...

If you have a few hundred rows in the column you want to hide....

I would probably copy that column to a column to the far right of the sheet....set the text color to white & lock the cells so they can't be selected....then run the function to display the contents from that cell in the cell you desire it to be displayed.

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