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    hide rows with specific value


    by chilu32 ·

    Hi , i am trying to hide rows in my worksheet that hav 0% in a certain column , problem is that i need 2 decimal places and if i have 20.0% then it hides that row as well.Please help !!
    here is the code i am using:
    Dim ZoekIn As Range, Vind As Range
    Dim Celtel As Range

    With ActiveSheet.Columns(7)
    Set ZoekIn = .Find(“0.0%”)
    If Celtel Is Nothing Then
    Set Celtel = ZoekIn
    End If
    If Not ZoekIn Is Nothing Then
    Set Vind = ZoekIn
    Set Celtel = Union(Celtel, ZoekIn)
    Set ZoekIn = .FindNext(ZoekIn)
    Loop While Not ZoekIn Is Nothing And ZoekIn.Address <> Vind.Address
    End If
    End With

    Celtel.EntireRow.Hidden = True

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