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high color(16bit) or 256 color

By Shanghai Sam ·
I have a Emachine,cyris MII 366 MMX Processor, 32MB hard drive, 32xmax c-d rom driver, 56 V.92/V.44 Modem. Microsoft Windows 98 2nd addition,ATI 30 Range AGP Graphics with 4 MB SDRAM. I had to install this new modem and i lost my HIGH(16bit) and 256color. new modem(ahown above)I go to start,settings,control panel,display, display Properties,settings and it shows at the top,( Syandard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)below that it has only 5 things to see #1 is (General#2 is Adapter, #3 is Montior #4is Performance #5 is Color Manegement and the Color Manegement shows ( Diamond Compatibe 9300K G2.2 as the default, My other pc shows 7 setting for this it includes the 5 i just showed you and the other 2 is (color and Version)it don't show these 2. it shows my setting (16 color or 2 color only and i try to set the screen area that is only 640X480 it won't let me ,so i go to advancethe display I can't get it to set as (small Fronts)Thank you for any help you can give me. Sincerely; Dorothy Fields

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high color(16bit) or 256 color

by Sue T In reply to high color(16bit) or 256 ...

It sounds like the modem software overwrote and made some changes to the video card so you will need to reinstall the driver for your video card and possibly your monitor. You can do this either thru display properties or in System, Device Manager,Display Adapters and the monitor under Monitors, Choose the option to update the driver.

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high color(16bit) or 256 color

by SukiRL In reply to high color(16bit) or 256 ...

Well it can be several things first I would try what the person put before just uninstall and reinstall the vid card, in win98 se it will do the monitor automatically when you do the video card so you don't have to worry about that. If that doesn'twork though I would suggest going into safe mode and checking for any ghost drivers, if there are remove them and uninstall and reinstall the drivers for your vid. if there are no ghost drivers try reinstalling the modem, or updating the modem and vid drivers.

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