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    High CPU and low MEM usage


    by captaincrunch ·

    Win2k-pro/P4 2.3g/1g mem

    Task manager indicates CPU operating at 80% to 100% with only 515k of 2,517k MEM usage. System doesn’t seem to be utilizing all mem resources.

    Any suggestions as to why?

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      I hate to ask the obvious…

      by liame ·

      In reply to High CPU and low MEM usage

      I hate to ask the obvious btu what is running?

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      What does the Task Manager say?

      by roger99a ·

      In reply to High CPU and low MEM usage

      Do the CTRL-ALT-DEL thing and look at the Processes. Click on the CPU button twice and you’ll see what’s using it most.

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      Check Processes

      by sharkalui ·

      In reply to High CPU and low MEM usage

      Which processes are taking up cpu time? Which apps are running? Some apps can crank a lot while still not using lots of memory. Check the high cpu-use services for more info at the following website:
      Run a full virus scan and malware scan with up-to-date definition sets.

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      I have experienced this

      by ah cn fix thaet ·

      In reply to High CPU and low MEM usage

      I have experienced the same problem that you are now having. I used the task manager as mentioned, shut down all apps and pin pointed the process that was using the cpu. Used the search to find the program, I my case it was the executable for my computers touchpad software; it was apparently not compatible with Logitech drivers for usb trackball. Uninstalled touchpad software and Logitech drivers are now controlling touchpad also and everything is happy! Of course you need to use common sense and not uninstall any critical components! Hope this helps.

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