high latency and ping spikes

By Addicar ·
Tags: Networking
My latency has been very inconsistent for a few months despite me changing my router and the wires around my house multiple times.

Occasionally my latency will be 11-13 latency but will spike every 3-10 seconds up to over 100 latency.

The rest of the time though my latency will stay around 90-100 latency and will spike every 3-10 seconds.

Anyone got any tips?
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Tips for fix Network latency

by feenalauren In reply to high latency and ping spi ...

Try using wired connection instead of Wireless.
Keep check on who else is using your network.
Go for reboot your Router/modem.
Check If some security software or firewall is blocking or causes some interruptions or not.
If there is a problem with your router/modem correct them with troubleshooting steps or contact your ISP.

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