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Was having problems adding some memory and was told to check that I was not mixing HIGH and LOW DENSITY MEMORY CHIPS. That is a callout I am not familiar with.Any help.

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by TheChas In reply to HIGH/LOW DENSITY MEMORY C ...

Many older motherboards cannot properly address the newest high density DIMMS.

1 way to check the density of a DIMM is to compare the number of ICs on the modules.
The fewer the number of ICs on same size (capacity) DIMMs, the higher the density of the module.

I have a PC 100 double-sided (chips on both sides) DIMM that I save as a reference DIMM.
If I am having problems with a PC, I install this DIMM. If the PC now functions properly, I know that I need to install only low density DIMMs in this PC.

SDRAM DIMMs have 3 different levels of density:

PCs over 3 years old may require single density DIMMs

PCs over 18 months old may not function with quad density DIMMs.

There are also a number of other variations in DIMM design, and various motherboards have other limitations.

2 clock lines versus 4 clock line modules.

CAS latency

Clock cycles

Also, keep in mind that many motherboards have limits as to how large a DIMM will function in them.


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by galehickey2 In reply to HIGH/LOW DENSITY MEMORY C ...

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