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By apolon_3 ·
Hey everybody,i would like you to help me, i am really getting mad because i can't solve my problem.So pls help me..First: my pc is p4 2.4 ghz,Kingston 1GB RAM,160 gb disk space divided on 6 partitions (c,d,e,f,g,h), asus mainboard.The problem: the paging file is increasing to 500 +,slows down my pc too bad (CPU usage 100% continiously) and i noticed that in the task manager the explorer.exe drains too much memory (70,000\90,000) when i open only 1 or 2 web sites... Do you have any ideas how to fix it? Pls help me

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Have you tried scanning for Spy Ware?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to High page file

You can use both of these applications to check how clean your system is Ad Aware Se available here


Or Spy Bot S & D available here


Personally I would be using both as there is no one program that is capable of cleaning every piece of Spy Ware that you can pick up though to be fair Spy Bot S & D can pick up some of the programs that you are using like Windows Defender, On Line Banking and things like that so you need to use this one with caution and untick any of your actual applications that it picks up before cleaning the system or you will cripple the applications and they will no longer work.

What you need to do is download both of these applications from their Home Web Pages and then install them reboot if asked to and then load any updates available just like you would a AV product. When you have the Application fully up to date you reboot the computer and if you are running XP. Y2K you press the F8 key and select Safe Mode and scan the system in Safe Mode removing any infections that you find. After you have run the application once and cleaned the system rerun it to see if there is anything else that was hiding or wasn't picked up in the initial scan and remove that as well keep running the scan till the system comes up as clean or just with your applications that you need.

Then reboot the system allow it to start normally and see if you have cured the problem.

Safe Mode is only for doing work on the OS and doesn't mean that it's safe to go on line or onto a LAN as there are a minimum set of drivers loaded and most of the start up applications are not running so it's very easy to pickup an infection so you should only run the system in Safe Mode to do repair work on the OS


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Didn't help

by apolon_3 In reply to Have you tried scanning f ...

None of these steps helped...by the way is it neccessary the scan to ve done in safe mode?I just wondered.How can i be sure that the reason of that high page file is spyware?Any other suggestions what can i do to fix this annoying problem..

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Yes its necessary to run the scans in Safe Mode

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Didn't help

If only to be sure that you actually remove any nasties that you have picked up along the way.

Personally I wouldn't be worried about a 500 MEG Page File as that's about normal for an XP machine this one on a fairly fresh reboot is currently running at 517 MEG of Page File Usage but gets up to 1.4 GIG when it's been running for quite some time.

I would be worried about the High CPU usage however unless you have the Page File on a 500 Meg Limited Size partition in which case the CPU will then start to be used harder and slow the system down dramatically.


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Any more opinions are welcome

by apolon_3 In reply to Yes its necessary to run ...

I can's stand this anymore.You know,i could let this above 500+ page file slow my machine ok,but i cant stand when i try to access my H: drive for example it freezes,searching with the lantern and i must end it with "end task" and "end now"...Its so annoying..pls any more suggestions are welcome.Why is this happening?

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page file is correct

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to High page file

your page file should be minimum 500 and max 1000 after sp2 install.It sounds like you have a trojan possably spybot.If you look inyour process in task manager you will see either 'msssps' or 'crssp' or a variable of those letters.Ifthey are present,reboot in safe mode and try to delete the trojan.In all likelyhood it has probably downloaded other virus's which is the reason for slow bandwith.What ever title it says in your process (msssps) is exactly the same process executable located in windows folder and system 32.Make sure you computer has no access to the internet while doing this.Then go to the symantic website under spybot on how to revert your registry settings.Oh and also disable system restore.

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Here's how to fix your problem

by sbx14 In reply to High page file

First of all, the way you partition your hard drive is way off. Personally, I don't believe any single HD should have more than 2 partitions: one for system and one for data.
YOur system partition won't have much left after it's divided by 6.

Now increase the paging file allocation for performance. Right click on My Computer and hit Properties. Then select Advanced tab and click on Settings button in Performance section. Choose Advanced tab. Go to the Virtual Memory section and select the system drive letter. Then change the allocation size to 1024 for both initial and maximum.

You can fine tune the setting for best performance.

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I checked

by apolon_3 In reply to Here's how to fix your pr ...

...my status of both sections is already seto to even higher 1536 and 3072...i doubt this will solve the problem if i reduce the virtual memory to 1024.I am hopeless anymore....i am mad

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Try sbx14's suggestion

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I checked

Most of the time Windows is happy with the min and max set to the same figure. That way Windows can allocate a fixed block of drive space for swapping instead of constantly resizing the swap file.

Also, you mentioned explorer.exe it taking up a lot of resources even though you are only looking at one or two web pages. You've confused explorer.exe for iexplore.exe. iexplore.exe is Internet Explorer, what you're using to look at the web. Explorer.exe is the file manager / desktop manager / GUI / bunch of other things that shouldn't be managed by one program but are anyway. The number of web pages you're viewing has nothing to do with explorer.exe.

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by apolon_3 In reply to Try sbx14's suggestion

Ok,so why explorer.exe is slowing my pc so much?And while explorer.exe in task manager is getting above 100k the cpu works on 100 %?I really need to fix this

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by CristosL In reply to Try sbx14's suggestion

First the mind boggles as to why you would split your hard drive into 6 partitions. That said 500 MB page file on a system with 1GB of RAM is actually to low the page file should be at least 2GB at maximum size. There are 3 queries how much space is allocated to the system partition, is the page file fragmented and is the page file located on 1 partition or multiple partitions?

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