high pitch noise

By patb071 ·
i have an hp laptop running windows xp. I don't know the exact model but it is roughly 3 or 4 years old. i have the laptop setup so when i close the lid it goes into hibernation mode. After leaving the laptop closed for awhile there will be a high pitched noise coming from it. I remove the battery to get it to stop. when i put the battery back in it does not do it. Any ideas?

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by jck In reply to high pitch noise

installing RMClock and check "Run HLT Command when OS is idle"

If it's not the CPU, it could be electronics on the motherboard.

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Switching Supply

by TheChas In reply to high pitch noise

My primary suspect would be one of the switching power supplies in the system is not shutting down properly when you go into hibernate mode.

My primary suspect would be the power supply for the LCD back-light lamp.

Listen closely and try to locate the area where the sound comes from. If the sound comes from the top panel (back side of the display) then it is the power supply.

This could be the failure of a control circuit, or might be that this supply always stayed on and a part has come loose so that it resonates and you can now hear it.


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