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high school geography teacher goes nuts

By jdclyde ·
Overland High School teacher Jay Bennish, is a geography teacher in Co. He has a job in the PUBLIC school system teaching GEOGRAPHY. Instead, he is teaching that Bush, capitalism, and America in general are evil in nature.
(transcript here)
(To hear the recording)

A student recorded this lecture, and AFTER providing a copy to the school system and giving them a chance to handle the issue, they went to the local radio and turned the tape over to them.

If you haven't heard the recording, you don't watch the news AT ALL. It is everywhere.

The teacher is placed on PAID leave while this is being investigated. The school district has a rule requiring instructors MUST provide ALL sides to a political, social, or religious topic.

I am sure some of you that are more on the "liberal" side of politics will try to say he has a "First Amendment RIGHT" to say anything he wants. Wrong. On his own time he can be as big a nut case as the rest of you guys. When working for a public school system, he is paid to teach a subject, not try to indoctrinate his distorted views on our kids.

The same people that will stand up to defend this nut, are the same that would be howling if a teacher in that same school were to use THEIR first amendment right to talk about God and ID?

But that is different, right?

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Of course it's different

by puppybreath In reply to high school geography tea ...

Bush and religion are both very evil things that children need to be warned about. And don't forget.....he's a college graduate so he must be much smarter than the rest of us. Why are you complaining about someone who's just trying to make sure your kids are raised right?


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Liberal and He's Wrong

by BFilmFan In reply to high school geography tea ...

Teachers have a requirement to educate, even if they use a devil's advocate viewpoint to make students think about the topic.

I heard part of this techer's lecture and it wasn't a discussion, it was a diatribe.

He was wrong and he deserves to be terminated.

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ACLU to the rescue

by jdclyde In reply to Liberal and He's Wrong

They have already decide to defend him to get his job back.

The ACLU defending brainwashing of our youth to hate America? Say it isn't so!

Side note, from reading break downs of the diatribe, even the "facts" that he is spewing are wrong.

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The value of the ACLU

by Absolutely In reply to ACLU to the rescue

This dork will have had the best representation available, then lose his case, making the Court's decision more convincing to the public, IMO. The ACLU should serve as a model for constitutional democracies because there are people in every population who wish to push the boundaries. When those people's case is well-articulated, the ludicrousness of it is most easily recognizable as such.

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Sad use of paid leave

by Dr Dij In reply to Liberal and He's Wrong

another example: the doctor in the fertility clinic scandal at UCI in irvine, ca fled to south america when he was indicted for unethical and possibly illegal acts such as fertilzing many women's implants with his own sperm, unauthorized use of eggs, etc.

problem: they were still paying him year or so after and far as I know still are paying him.

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liberal side view

by Cactus Pete In reply to high school geography tea ...

I suspect you will be wrong that people "...on the "liberal" side of politics will try to say he has a "First Amendment RIGHT" to say anything he wants."

Most people consider me fairly liberal (on certain topics) and I certainly don't think a geography teacher should spend any time whatsoever on modern politics, save to suggest that some regimes might change boundaries of some countries. But that seems like a short lecture...

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not a 'liberal' thing

by Dr Dij In reply to liberal side view

I think this is not a 'liberal' thing but more of the teacher not sticking to the subject. I'm sure there are teachers who spout off on religion, creationism, etc and are just as bad.

liberal / conservative / devil worshiper, doesn't matter. the school is not their own personal platform, is there to teach kids specific things.

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libertarian, and he stole from those children

by Absolutely In reply to high school geography tea ...

He was being paid to teach geography, not geopolitics, which I'm confident he would be teaching at a university if he were properly credentialed to do so. His students are the legal owners of the money that the state has decided to invest in their education. He did not perform as required by his employer. He stole the money he was given for the service he failed to render as promised.

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Good teachers keep them guessing

by JamesRL In reply to libertarian, and he stole ...

In my high school, I was well known to be a member of the Conservative Party.

But my teachers were usually pretty cagey about any allegiances they might have.

One of my English teachers knew that I was Tory and a friend of mine in the class was a Liberal (big L=Liberal party of Canada). So she assigned us essays - me on John Stuart Mill (father of "liberalism) and he on Edmund Burke. Little did she realize that John Stuart Mill would be a Conservative/Libertarian in today's society.

One of my history teachers openly mocked me in class for being a Tory. But when I went to Tory party functions, he would buy me a drink.


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Politics in high school? I didn't see it

by jdclyde In reply to Good teachers keep them g ...

The closest was Mr. Meeth, the world history teacher. He had been in Nam, and was not the most politically correct person in the world.

More than once he went off about walking through the rice pattys killing "gooks". Yeah, he got pretty worked up, but not on politics.

Now COLLEGE, THAT is another story.

Took a 101 writing class, and the "teacher" turned it into liberal 101. He HATED having me in there because I would call him on it evertime he would make some wild claim. I once tried to CLAIM that a collections agency in NY had used the patriot act to take some poor ladies last $100 from her savings account, and she found this out when she went to the store to buy food. Oh, how AWFUL! Too bad it was all BS and I told him flat out it never happened, and to provide a reputable source before EVER trying to make such a stupid statement. Except for one other guy, everyone else just accepteded everything he said because he IS an instructor after all.

He even MADE us watch that BS by M. Moore, "Bowling for Columbine". He had to run an errand while we watched it, so I gave everyone a running commentary on everything in the movie that was a lie or distortion (everything) and provided sources to back up everything I said. (he made the mistake of letting us know before hand we were going to watch it so I made a point to watch it and do my research.) B-)

The GOOD thing about him was when he had a project I didn't want to do, I could easily direct the conversation away from the project onto politics and next thing you know class was over. darn, have to drop that project because he didn't explain how to do it! :^O Liberals are so easy!

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