high speed usb needed on Pentium3 system

By PhilipNewton ·
When plugging in a USB device onto a pIII system, I get the message that it's not equipped with high speed usb and that I need a high speed usb
controller. Can this be resolved by adding a v2.0 USB card, or is a faster processor the ONLY solution?

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You can get a card but...

by JamesRL In reply to high speed usb needed on ...

I have heard of mixed results in older MBs.

Newegg or tigerdirect have these things - cost is pretty low.

The processor has little to do with it, its the MB.

I'm confused about the message, as my understanding was that newer 2.0 spec stuff was backwards compatible, it would work, but of course at the slower speed. It would seem then that your device isn't following the rules.


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It does work -- the message is

by w2ktechman In reply to You can get a card but...

stating that you can obtain better performance with a high speed USB port. Basically, it is informing you to upgrade your hardware. But it will still work, just a lot slower.

Dont worry about upgrading, it should work anyway. But, as James said, the USB upgrade is pretty cheap

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You can have problems if you don't get the card

by jdclyde In reply to It does work -- the messa ...

I have seen scanners that would not initialize at a reboot, and the scanner would have to be shut off and back on again everytime the pc restarts.

Cards are cheap, and can save you from flaky stuff that sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Save yourself from having to troubleshoot devices that don't behaving occasionally. You don't want to keep telling the user to reboot or reset the device all the time.

And the speed different is also worth the upgrade.

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usually not even a reboot

by w2ktechman In reply to You can have problems if ...

but unplugging the USB cable and plugging it back in should do the trick.
I have seen this with many USB devices, and not only USB2 devices on USB1 ports

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