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Hindsight, Having 20/20 Vision

By Too Old For IT ·
In a column published in eWeek Magazine on February 26, 2001, Peter Coffee stated:

"That's why a halfhearted IT budget isn't a cost-cutting gambit; it's a postdated suicide note. You've already decided to let yourself die, it's just a matter of time before you flatline.",1759,1010762,00.asp

Looking back from February, 2006 I ask you: Were truer words ever written? The general malaise in most IT departments today can be directly attributed to the CxO level attitude that IT departments just want to play with all the new toys, and therefore must have limited, draconian budgets, with no input to same.


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Today many CIOs aren't even from IT.

by X-MarCap In reply to Hindsight, Having 20/20 V ...

Sure we like new toys, but without appropriate storage where does that data go?

Without controls and procedures how can the Auditors give us grief.

Without IT, then the company is run out of the checkbook. and it is severely limited in growth.

The Draconian budgets are because the people who don't have an IT background are in charge. They take Financial people and make them CEOs and CIOs. Just because IT powers the ERP and that tracks the money. Doensn't make a Finace guy remotely qualified to run IT for a company.

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