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HIPAA, TigerText and piece by piece BYOD solution concept

By bit24sh0cker ·
I am now consulting in a small hospital admin office, and they are dealing with the issue of their IT network, and HIPAA compliance.

They asked me do some research on this topic, and so I have been doing so. Many of the HIPAA compliance articles are really talking about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) when it comes to HIPAA compliance since doctors like texting and emailing patient info from their iPads and smartphones.

Of all the articles I have read on the subject, this one below stood out:

What I found interesting is that the author divides the BYOD issue in to 2 paths, one being the implementation of a single IT management solution for BYOD, and the other path being one of an IT department finding various apps and programs to piece together a somewhat comprehensive BYOD IT management solution.

So we are also dealing with the issue that Doctors are using iPads and smartphone to access their hospital emails and patient files on the network, and then copying/pasting the info into their text messages to other doctors, nurses and patients. This really opens the hospital up to possible HIPAA fines and lawsuits.

This is a smaller hospital (about 300 beds), so they really don't have the money for a complete IT management BYOD system.

Now the above article recommends Tigertext as a HIPAA compliant form of secure texting which could take care of that issue since the messaging is on a closed network and the messages can be deletes by the hospital, or they can be set to automatically delete.

That takes care of one issue for the hospital, but what about the other aspects of IT communication?

I think that there is a real opportunity for a company to put together a bundle of apps and network applications that allow a hospital or business with HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley compliance requirements to piece together a comprehensive but low cost and easy to implement BYOD management system.

I can't be the only one who see this, anyone else have any comments on this topic, or know of such a company/system?

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