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By winikeh ·
I am looking for books that will help me learn about HIPPA compliance and how it effects us in the IT world. I prefer a book in plain english as opposed to legalese but am not opposed to a book that will teach a little legalese along the way. Any help in this area is greatly appreciated.

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by Dr Dij In reply to HIPPA Books

you try they come up with several

you can also read them online with business pro subscription, probably have more books

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wrong answer

by winikeh In reply to Did

I am looking for suggestions on specific books. Yes I have looked at amazon and barnesandnoble and many others. But I don't want to waste 50$ on a book that won't cover what I need. This is why I am hoping some people here can reccomend specific books or other resources.

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Not that Dumb

by Dr Dij In reply to wrong answer

I didn't think you were that dumb. Another dumb response, have you tried +hipaa +"book review" in yahoo? (or google)

that pulls up only book reviews, many of which are on hipaa topics. Most NOT on IT topics. Highbeams shows up with one. they may have many more as they are a full text mag article site. worth the $100 subs.

mindleaders has kazillions of courses on hipaa but all in terms of various med professionals, not IT. add +IT to that search term and you come up with:

the info mgmt jnl has revu of:
Book Review: The Abcs Of Hipaa Compliance
& another site shows up
Anyway, I was just searching yahoo, which you can do or already have done

Just realized a newsletter or ad I got might be relevant:
- they have downloadable IT compliance charts.
You have to join, (free right now)

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HIPAA info

by sjhyde In reply to HIPPA Books

Try the Phoenix Health Systems site - They sell a variety of resources, but also have a large library of free white papers available too. It's not pure IT, but has been fairly helpful with some of things we've done.
Additionally, you may want to look at for more resources.
These, and most other HIPAA-related sites will not have much IT focus - they're all mostly about satisfying the requirements of the rule from a clinical perspective.

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HIPAA Info on the web

by joe.fusco In reply to HIPAA info

I agree with Scott. I stumbled upon this resource ( pretty quickly and have found it to be invaluable. An additional suggestion is to join the mailing list ( and ask them for suggestions.

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Another HIPAA resource

by mark_jones In reply to HIPAA info

You may find the Certified HIPAA Professional and Certified HIPAA Security Specialist training available through the HIPAA Academy ( useful. The printed course materials are much more expensive than a typical HIPAA book but they cover the regulatory requirements related to IT.

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My HIPAA Bible

by isapp In reply to HIPPA Books

I stumbled across this book and absolutely swear by it. The title is HIPAA@IT Essentials: Health Information Transactions, Privacy, and Security. The author is Roy Rada. The ISBN is 1901857042. I got it through Amazon. There are actually two versions of this book, as if we weren't confused enough. I have the more condensed version which is 142 pages. The larger version is considerably more expensive and I didn't want to waste money on a book I couldn't use, so I got the cheaper book but I've found it's all I needed. Written in plain English with case studies.

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