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    by arrrom1 ·

    Hi everyone,
    As a small Independent contractor, in Medical claims, Exactly what do I need to do to maintain the proper SECURITY for my Dr. clients???My clearinghouse is HIPPA compliant…I can not afford to go into the AHIMA’s conventions and Audio Seminars as the price for these are prohibitive to little ole me…Dr’s are all confused…I try to explain the HIPPA Rulings to them and let them know they are protected from OUR end…I am doing a Business Associate contract now…What else canI do??

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      by djent ·

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      This is probably the wrong forum to find that answer. You probably need a lawyer versed on medical law and technology.

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        You and your clients need a lawyer

        by mmbarreca ·

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        You need to discuss with your lawyer the ramifications of providing billing services to physicians. The clearinghouse may be compliant but is the system you are using going to be compliant with the Transaction and Code set regs? In terms of security, it is the responsibility of the doctors to ensure that privacy and security is maintained. You can provide a BA agreement (which is good) but ultimately, it is the doctors’ responsibility, which is why they should be consulting with their HIPAA consultants and/or lawyers.

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