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Hired a Certified IT or self Trained IT!!!

By jhondz2001 ·
Many IT people learn technology thru self study, some are even very good on thier field but they have no certification bco'z of some reason. one maybe is taking exams to have certification is expensive enough for other IT people even they know some company looks for the certification when you apply for a job.Im not saying that IT pros. who have certificate are better than those who do not have.Why not some company give a chance to those IT pros. that have no certificate. or maybe taking the exam should be free of charge. I want to have a lot of certificate as IT pro. but i can not afford to take the exams.

If yes why?
If no why?

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A maxim from France

by gael.thiabaud In reply to Hired a Certified IT or s ...

It is better hearing the opening of the umbrella than the crash of an career.

Opening an umbrella is an aphorism about protecting yourself!


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A few reasons

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Hired a Certified IT or s ...

They have no other way of verifying you can do what you say you can.

They sell themselves as having certifed people

They get so many applicants, whether or not you have a particular cert is seen as way to cut down the list of who to talk to.

Your chances of staying in an admin career without certs are very small, I'm afraid.

You are going to have to try and get some, be wary of the cheap and easy routes certain people promise. Thye are n't cheap and easy because they guys handing them out are really nice people.

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Value of certifications

by sgeiger In reply to A few reasons

From my experience, certifications get you in the door and above entry level. It is usually HR personnel that filter out what employers are looking for. Then resumes are passed to IT management. Certifications are like chrome, the attract attention. Not having certifications has seriously hampered my career lately. Over the years I have taken all the classes, courses, bought all the books (and read them) and CBT nuggets for NT, 2000, 2003, N+, securtiy+, Server+, CCNA, CCNE, MCSE, MCSD, MCSA, Linux and Citrix. I could fill a moving truck with just my training materials. I have around 13 years experience working as a network and system engineer/administrator. I can do IT in my sleep (and do sometimes). I see those that are certified get jobs over me, including higher starting salaries. Once given the opportunity, I have ALWAYS surpass and been promoted over these individuals. My ability and skill can and will be proven, IF given a chance. I have substantially more knowledge and experience than most of these "fresh" certs mongers. BUT with out the chrome credential certifications, my resume is set to the side.
The job search process becomes even more difficult without a bachelors or masters too.

What is comes down to it that you have to advertise and market yourself to prospective employers. Definitely an entirely different job market since my previous job search.

Pimp Yo Resume'

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A follow-up to Tony's reasons

by success In reply to A few reasons

Certifications are definitely the chrome on a
resume. Anyone can cram for a cert test, pass
by one question and then become certified,
but it also shows their motivation. If you
spent all the money on training materials,
CBT nuggets, books, ect, why have you not
taken the time or expense to take a test
showing you know the material? Just two ways
of looking at it.

Also, the companies I worked for generally
saw a person's skill set as a secondary. They
primarily looked for personality first,
because anyone can be trained to do any job
(with the right personality), but if you have
someone that is an IT wiz and they think they
know everything, or they don't mesh well for
whatever reason, it's much harder to get
things done.

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Another point of view

by paul.hudson In reply to Hired a Certified IT or s ...

After 20 years experience, I finally took the plunge and got my certs. Now I don't get interviews because they don't want to pay me for what I can do, and know. Going by the pay scales for my area, I should be earning much more than I'm currently making but, the hiring folks don't want to pony up the cash so they hire a "paper" tech that can't do squat for less than half of what I'm making now. You can't win for losing.

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Got the Job.

by srmcevoy In reply to Hired a Certified IT or s ...

I had years of experience in non-for-profit. When I tried to make the switch to corporate i went 2 years without an interview. I want back to school and did a condensed program 5 hours a day in class 5 days a week. I graduated with honors and coupons to write certs. I had job offers before I finished school, through a headhunter that found my updated resume on workopolis.

I wrote about it here:

I have 2 kids under 3 so working on the schedule I originally set up slowed down. But I try and do a cert every 6 weeks to use up my coupons before they expire. I have also written reviews of all cert books used.

I can only state they definitely helped me get the job and salary I have.

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