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    Hiring a 1st line operator –> practical tips to hire someone?


    by chouf ·

    Good Evening,

    I’ve been promoted team leader a couple of weeks ago and I have the responsability to hire a new 1st line operator for our support team.
    I had a look through all the articles to find tips and tricks on how to make a good choice when hiring people.
    What would be your advices? Which questions do you think are important and which aspects have to be taken in account. I have the basics, but I’d like to get some practical tips as it’ll be my 1st experience in hiring someone.



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      by oldefar ·

      In reply to Hiring a 1st line operator –> practical tips to hire someone?

      The skills required of a 1st line operator are reasonably easy to acquire. What will be more important is how well the new individual fits into the existing team.

      I saw a recommendation by another TR member that the new team member candidate be taken to lunch. For the team, they get a benifit of a free lunch. For the candidate and manager, it is an opportunity for seeing how the personalities interact.

      People spend almost half their waking time with fellow workers. When possible, its nice to spend this time with people whose company you enjoy.

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