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hiring interns, problem with schedule

By dsnail2000 ·
I have the funds availible to hire a couple of high-school interns, not for the summer, but during their school year, how can I work that out?

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Work-study programs

by txbluebonnet In reply to hiring interns, problem w ...

Contact your local high schools and/or the school districts (policies may differ slightly from school to school and/or district to district). I have had many friends work through high school through such programs; and, my Dad had hired help in thismanner before. My boss's daughter is currently working through such a program in the Houston area and starts working around 1pm for a 1/2 day per work day. This is a good for you and good for them (giving them something to start their resume from)....Good luck!

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But How can I do this, They get out at..

by dsnail2000 In reply to Work-study programs

But how can I do this, the students get out of classes at 3:20 pm, the nearest high school to my company is 3-4 miles away. The students can probably get there at about 3:45. How can I schedule time for them when most people at the company leave at5?

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Work may count as "class time."

by John Connell In reply to But How can I do this, Th ...

Some high schools have co-op programs that allow qualified students to leave mid-day or so to take part in internships. Just contact the local schools and see if this kind of thing exists. If it doesn't, perhaps you can urge the school board to adopt a co-op program of some kind.

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by Blaine Moore In reply to Work may count as "class ...

Speak with the school, but if you find any students that you would like to hire as interns, have them also speak to the school (and their parents!) It's amazing what a difference it can make when a request comes from more than one direction, especially when one or more of those directions are the tax payers (or pay tuition if it is a private school).

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by txbluebonnet In reply to But How can I do this, Th ...

Many schools offer vocational training which involves working off-campus for their high-school credits. Often these are students who may be contemplating various avenues of higher education due to financial constraints in the family or they have a greater desire for office work versus becoming a doctor. This gives them the exposure that they need to gain experience in the work force to help them better decide what they would want to do in the future. Many of my friends went this route in High School and later became Court Reporters, Programmers, etc. later after they had exposure in the workforce.

Just check with your local High School. Being that it is only 3-4 miles away is also an added bonus that many businesses may not be able to offer.

You will be gaining an employee who is eager to learn about the business; and, they may be gaining better financial footing towards going off to college that their family may not otherwise be able to afford, as well as knowledge and experience in the actual workforce to build their resume upon.

It is a win-win situation for everyone concern....


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