hitachi 80 gb usb disk model number:hts541680j9at00

By dharmendra.tolani ·
I bought the above mentioned usb disk. When I plug it in my lenovo N3000 laptop, with WinXP, the device is recognized but I it is not displayed under "My Computer", so basically I cannot access it.
what to do?

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Well while waiting for the Formatting & Partitioning guide to download

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to hitachi 80 gb usb disk mo ...

I'll start at the beginning. These units tend to have two USB Plugs at the computer end have you got them both plugged in as you need extra power than what 1 USB port can supply particularly when a NB is added to the mix.

If you do not have both USB Plugs plugged into different USB Sockets the drive will not be getting enough power to be properly recognised and display in My Computer in XP.

You can also have a look in Computer Management and see what is shown in the Disc Management to see if the unit is shown there.

Now I'm not sure if you have given the right part number as all that comes up on the Hitachi Web Site is a Travel Star Drive and everything is based on the 160 GIG Capacity drive which would be OK as they would be all of the same family and everything would be the same in setting them up but this is an internal Drive and not listed as an External USB Drive but you may like to look at page 7 in this site for formatting information when you are using XP


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finally it did work

by dharmendra.tolani In reply to Well while waiting for th ...

Yes I had plugged in both the USB plugs.
And yes the model number which I gave was also correct.
Then I went Computer Management->Disc Management as you suggested.
There this particular disc was shown as
"uninitialized". So I right clicked on it
and initialized it.
Then without even asking me windows formatted it. I watched quietly.
Then I assigned a drive letter to it, only then was I able to use it.
but a drive letter was assigned automatically to it the next time I plugged it in.
So thanks buddy.

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The unit may have been supplied unformatted as

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to finally it did work

Hitachi show formatting directions for all platforms so this particular HDD may have been supplied that way to allow the end user or buyer to format to the Platform that they are using.

If you looked at the Format & Partitioning PDF File it shows formatting instructions for Windows, Max OSX and Unix/Linux.


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Same Problem

by prateek_agarwal7 In reply to hitachi 80 gb usb disk mo ...

I am refering to the same problem posted by the previous user. I have the same hitachi external hdd(80GB). I also have a usb wire with three usb ports. I tried everything posted plus more. the model number is HTS541680J9AT00. Please can someone help me access my hdd. Its not detected anywhere except for the sound that comes when i insert it.

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Go to Computer Management and see if it is showing there

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hitachi 80 gb usb disk mo ...

Under Disk Management. If it is right Click on the drive and chose the Format Option.

That will set a valid Partition and Drive Letter so that it will appear in My Computer.

A different OS may have some slightly different steps but it is basically the same for all versions of Windows.


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Thanks for helping me

by mzeke77 In reply to Go to Computer Management ...

I have been tying to install the drive for my hitachi HTS541680J9AT00 for a while without success. I followed the steps that were given to the other people who had problems with it before and eventually i had it working

Again thank u and keep it up

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same problem with me

by patelsau In reply to Go to Computer Management ...

my external hard drive works in the usb port at back of my cpu..... but when i connect it to front usb hub it spins and also detected in task bar but not detected in my compter

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a bit more complicated

by spauwe In reply to same problem with me

Hi, I'm trying to recover some files on one of these Hitachi drives. The files were put on there by a Linux user and I find myself being stuck trying to find them on my XP pc... The damn thing won't show up anywhere. It does in disc management but formatting is not an option here...

any ideas?



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