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hmmm yet another Microsoft screwup....

By Jaqui ·
This one in the PRIVACY DEPARTMENT!!!!!
They admitted, publicly, that they took data from your msn searches and handed it to us government, to allow the us government to illegally tap your phones and monitor your internet activities.
That is SPYWARE in action..oh, it's Microsoft in action, the largest spyware company in the world.
Use Microsoft?
Not when they have just proven beyond all doubt that their sole intention is to screw you over, by denying you the rights of existing privacy legislation at thier whim.**0/microsoft-admits-to-handing-over-search-data-to-feds.html

You can if you want, just don't expect to be getting any respect from people that Respect Privacy laws.

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That's the truth

by stress junkie In reply to hmmm yet another Microsof ...

Most ISPs and Google, at least, state that they require government authorities to obtain a search warrant/court order before handing over customer information. Then they only hand over enough information to comply with the order. I know that Verizon has a good record in this department.

The United States has specific procedures to enable the government to search private information and to seize private property. When the citizens, such as the employees of MSN, just allow the law enforcement officials to take what they want without a warrant then those citizens are guilty of undermining our Constitutional protections from government bullying.

By the way, where in the alphabet does |_| appear? I've never seen that character before. It must be a Unicode character because I can't find it on my keyboard.

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it's a nice

by Jaqui In reply to That's the truth

way past the censors isn't it?

lets you use explicit term without triggering the **** that the original term would have

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code words

by Shellbot In reply to it's a nice

how about we make up new curse words?
like Battlestar Galactica..Fracking..

gets past censors..

That fracking microsoft, frack them.

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And Farscape's "frelling"

by stress junkie In reply to code words

Stupid code words. I knew that they meant "freaking".

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So MS only give out

by Neil Higgins In reply to it's a nice

as much info as required.The DJ,dont know who,or where you are? Yeah,right.When my firewall says I am being scanned,I can "back-track",to see where the attack is coming from.I'm all for protecting us from loons,terrorists,and the basic scum,but I only search Google on pc questions,or general "boring" info.I'm sure they want to log that I tried to find out the capital of Paraguay,to help my son with his homework?

It's Asuncion,by the way MS.

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All server

by Jaqui In reply to So MS only give out

activity is logged, that is normal.
I use logs like that to trace performance issues, as I'm sure you do.

The activity that is objectionable is in handing over data without making them jump through the legal hoops to get it.

You want the logs from my system? hand over the court order, or get lost.
That data can be used to violate privacy laws.
That data can be used to enable identity theft.
That data contains information that comprimises the security of my network. [ specific path and file location data ]

If the Government came asking, I would delete the logs they are wanting before they could get a court order.
Then: I'm sorry we don't keep the logs that far back.

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by noyoki In reply to All server

That can get you into trouble. If you don't have a written policy of when and how much data you are destroying, and/or a damn good reason to do so (ie server space), you can get sued for negligence. If you do have one, and fail to abide by it, that's even worse...

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nope, not here.

by Jaqui In reply to Careful

We only have to keep financial data, or any data explicitly entered into a database as customer record, and only for 7 years. after 7 years it can be destroyed.

logs are not required records, they are simply a listing if activity for your hardware / software.

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by hughw44 In reply to So MS only give out

I'm sure the Paraguayans will want to know, why the sudden interest in their capital? Careful, you could be extradited.

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by Neil Higgins In reply to Asuncion?

cia,and all that...?
The document is in the box,behind the water pipes :)

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