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    Hold Music for Voip


    by assistantforrealestate ·

    Hello All,
    I am trying to find a way to add hold music to my Voip Phone service. Is there a way to do it and if so how?
    Thanks in advance,

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      Reply To: Hold Music for Voip

      by jepott ·

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      This really depends on your actual phone system (regardless of if it’s VoIP). If you have just one phone or a lesser expensive two phone system then it probably does not support that feature. In larger systems (4+ phones on some) an audio port (usually RCA) is built onto the system for hold music – you would simply need to connect something into it (like radio, CD, Tape, 8Track if you still have that, Etc…). Hope that helps a bit.


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        Reply To: Hold Music for Voip

        by jepott ·

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        What’s the model number on the unit? I’ll be able to help out more if I know the model. Thanks, JEPott.

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      Reply To: Hold Music for Voip

      by assistantforrealestate ·

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      It is just a panosonic cordless phone with another one on a seperate base. Do you think anything will work with it?

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        Determining compatibility

        by hanscschmid ·

        In reply to Reply To: Hold Music for Voip

        Many Panasonic cordless phones are compatible with on-hold adapters from Skutch Electronics. We’ve experimented with many vendors over the years and Skutch adapters are the best in the business. You can see a compatibility list here <>.

        Another factor to consider in your decision to play music on hold is licensing. Playing music on-hold subjects your business to music licensing fees totaling hundreds of dollars per year. These fees are separate a distinct from the price you paid to purchase CDs or MP3s for personal use.

        If you have questions about these adapters, or would like information on music and marketing options, give me a call at 517-339-3220.

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      Reply To: Hold Music for Voip

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Hold Music for Voip

      As the above poster said this all depends on your phone system there is normally a plug in socket for audio in that only puts a signal out when the call is on hold or waiting. If you are looking for a software solution for this I’m not sure that there is one available yet.

      All I can suggest is a web search and see if anything worthwhile comes up the same applies you can also look up the makers of your phone systems Web Site and see if they have anything available for this purpose.


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      Reply To: Hold Music for Voip

      by jc2it ·

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      The above posters are correct it really depends on your system/setup. There is another method of getting the music into your RCA or 3.5mm jack. Using the Headphone out port on your PC you can feed that into most Audio Input ports on phone systems. Then you can send MP3, OGG, or any other playable format.

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      Message or Music On Hold Solutions`

      by drew ·

      In reply to Hold Music for Voip

      Please call or email me if you still need assistance with this. We’ve been around 25 years and are seasoned at getting to the bottom of these compatibility issues.

      Drew Mercer
      Commercials On Hold
      1-800-832-4653 ext.240

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        Nortel Here Works well

        by wiseitone ·

        In reply to Message or Music On Hold Solutions`

        In your case you have a small phone system. I think we were all refering to the large models that have a hardware that manages all the lines. I have a Nortel BCM 200 and it has an adio in jack. $50 MP3 and you have about 5-6 hours of music, just don’t forget to put it on loop. Or if your tacky you can use a local radio station.

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      Messages On Hold

      by jonnyjingles ·

      In reply to Hold Music for Voip

      These days you can just upload them to your VOIP provider:

      Messages On Hold – Simple and easy

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