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Hold on to old tech or sell it?

By slgillen695 ·
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Hey guys, so it appears as if I have loads and loads of old motherboards, consoles, desktop PCs and even a few laptops in my garage. Looking at the way tech is going, will anyone look to the past in years to come? Or am I just holding on to junk Would like to clear space in my garage but finding it hard to get rid of these things for sentimental reasons

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codices etc.

by john.a.wills In reply to Hold on to old tech or se ...

I keep codices because I can conveniently read them - and some of them I haven't read once yet. But I would not keep baked mud tablets inscribed in cuneiform because they are not as convenient as either codices or e-books; also, I cannot read cuneiform.

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store if you can

by techodin In reply to Hold on to old tech or se ...

I mean, if you've got the money and know a good storage place to place the tech, then why not? Always hard to figure out what items could be collector's items in years to come. There might come a time in the future when you want to use these items again, but maybe not Store them, otherwise you'll probably regret selling them.

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using a storage unit

by slgillen695 In reply to Hold on to old tech or se ...

Hmm, you've got me keen on the idea of a storage unit now, as I really don't have the space but would love to keep them The prices seem okay and if I look for a storage unit near me, then there's some in NYC (I'm based in Brooklyn) that I've seen over here (link removed by moderator)

I'm a little bit concerned about security and keeping the items in good condition, but I'm told that there's 24/7 security and the rooms are climate-controlled, so should be okay. In the end, I really just hope the value goes up with these consoles especially, as there are some original Nintendo consoles that collectors would probably love in years to come. I can't imagine I'm going to play these games, so might as well sell them when the time is right

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by michael4422 In reply to Hold on to old tech or se ...

Acting based on your passion is the way to go IMO. If you're into those particular computers, you should store it if you have the space. It may or may not become more valuable with time, but in case it doesn't, it will still be of use to you since you enjoy them. I would hold on to specific OS and completely working computers if possible, so that you're always able to plug & play (link removed by moderator). You should also look at the current market and see what kind of devices are most sought-after. I still wish I had held on to my Commodore 64 Good luck!

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Not junk

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Hold on to old tech or se ...

If these items have sentimental value for you, I wouldn't tell you to let them go, they're definitely not junk for you. Just keep them safe, they'll serve as time capsules in the future. Maybe repurpose them if that's possible?

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