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ok..sitting here staring out at the grey rainy day, researching prospective holidays..

will be getting some extra cash in the spring, so hubby said he'd take me on a posh holiday..i suggested several places to which he said ok..i then chanced my arm and suggested The Maldives..i got him to look at a few of the resorts and i think he's agreeing!

So..anyone been, or know of anyone who's been to the Maldives?????
I'm researching the good and the bad..its a bit pricey..but i reckon if we just don't eat for the next year we can pay for it, PLUS lose wieght..kill two birds with one stone..

*rain rain go away come again another day*

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by louk99 In reply to holidays....!!

I went to the Maldives for my Honeymoon, it is a fantastic place. It is especially great for diving whether you want to learn or can already do so. Be aware though that some islands are very small any only have the hotel/resort on it and that is all but you can do day trips to other islands or to Male.

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Wow :)

by rob mekel In reply to holidays....!!

you lucky :) The Maldives, that's one I haven't been to. They say it's great for diving and other fun stuff :)

Kill two birds with one stone your a sharpe-shooting hunter :)
It stopped raining overhere but ... will start soon again I guess

Well I'm off, call it a day and a week, have a great time :)


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