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Holy bankrupt ISP's Batman!!!

By madroxxx ·
These days with almost every tier one provider of T1's in financial trouble, I am having trouble deciding who to go with. I have been looking at Worldcom, ATT, Quest, and Sprint. Anyone have any thoughts on these providers for T1 access to the internet?

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P2P or Internet Only?

by road-dog In reply to Holy bankrupt ISP's Batma ...

If you are looking for Internet access only, a local ISP will serve you, just not at a tier 1 backbone level. For point-to point T-1, look to ICI or another like vendor if the big telcos scare you.

Don't overreact, Worldcom et al are not going to drop you on your can. They will restructure or be bought by another company.

Personally, I'm hoping that the trend is to reverse this headlong rush to rebuild Ma Bell by merger. I think going back to one or two primary telcos covering 80+ percent of data circuits is more dangerous to this industry than this financial morass its in now.

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by madroxxx In reply to P2P or Internet Only?

I haven't had good luck with the discount ISP's who resell the tier 1 service. I find you just don't always get the latency or even bandwidth you are paying for. I need a high availability steady pipe for several vpn connections.

It's not so muchthat I am worried about Worldcom "going away" as much as worry about how them laying off 17,000 people is going to affect service.

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OK, Here's what you do

by road-dog In reply to hmm

Go with one of the big guys. Read their SLA carefully. Make sure that they have an Account Rep assigned to you. If you do have an connectivity issue, make sure that you notify your account rep that the clock is ticking. If they fail to meet the SLA,bash them with the "if then" portion of the SLA.

If nothing else, you will have a mechanism to escalate your trouble ticket. The larger telcos will only give you what you demand, non squeaky wheels get an onsite visit at lower priority.

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Sound Advice.

by madroxxx In reply to OK, Here's what you do

That's good thinking road dog. Now does anyone have any specific input about any of these companies service?

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Small Firms

by TheChas In reply to Holy bankrupt ISP's Batma ...

Personally, I would go with a small firm that is just entering the market in your area, or an established local firm.

Why? Service! The smaller the firm, the more important you are as a customer.

I skipped over the mass-market ISPs for my home account, and use a small local provider.
I pay less than 1/2 the average dial-up rate, and get prompt service for any problems.


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I might agree with you...

by madroxxx In reply to Small Firms

On a dial up account but for a T1 infastructe needs to be in place on a global level.

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