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    I was using a major home store web site to research a purchase, a product video notified me that the flash player plugin was vulnerable. I went to update it as normal and unchecked the software they always try to push and downloaded the flash player installer allowed it to run and then my browser (firefox) suddenly went to a url that was long but the main part of it was
    Also there was a dialog box asking for a username and password that I could not close or click around to close the browser. I had to use the task manager to close the browser There was a number to call Microsoft in several places on the page. Also a warning that windows defender had detected a root kit and not to shut down or restart the computer.This page was attempting to look like a windows defender notification I think. Anyway I uninstalled the browser and deleted cookies on the computer. Ran an AVG system scan which found nothing. The system seems to be ok so far but not really sure what to think about this. No info about it on the web that I can find. Anyone know anything about this? I run windows 10 home premium os.

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