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Homade Satellite Connection (possible?)

By soma561234 ·
I find the most difficult part of my interest and motivation to build a satellite connection is the lack of material specific to this topic. I am getting a satellite next week. What are the possibilities? The only thing out there that I found to be decent was this book;
otherwise there isn't much out there (that I could find anyways). Has anyone built a satellite connection of know someone who has? What about a homemade access point or a long distance wi-fi point with a dish?

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Long distance WI-Fi

by robmcinnes In reply to Homade Satellite Connecti ...

I resently looked into long distance WI-FI access the only real proble is your local environment. If you live somewhere flat with no obstructions you should be fine.
You talk about a satellite do you mean just a dish?

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by soma561234 In reply to Long distance WI-Fi

Yes, just the dish so far. I know there are probably many other components that I will have to educate myself on. Flat with no obstructions, eh? What about pointing it into the air and seeing if I could pick up local signals. Like a Wardriving 'station'.

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I'm not quite sure where you're going, but....

by cp7212 In reply to Homade Satellite Connecti ...

You might want to read about 802.16e at or if you google 802.16e, you can get a wealth of information. When you mention a long distance wi-fi, I don't really think of wi-fi being long distance unless you want to get into using bridges and repeaters.

If you could please elaborate on the satellite connection, I could give you more input. Thanks.

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by robmcinnes In reply to I'm not quite sure where ...

Have you looked into WiMax? It is pretty pricey at the moment but so was WiFi when it was first designed and sold.

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