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Home Directory Drive Letter logon change

By rrudolph ·
Does anyone know how to change the home directory drive letter in a user's profile using a logon script. I have tried 'net use x: /home' and 'net user %username% /homedir:\\server\%username%$ /domain' (which creates a Z drive letter) both will notchange the home directory letter in the users profile. What I wish to do is change all of our external user's (125 of them) home drive letters

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mapping users drives

by ITOpMan In reply to Home Directory Drive Lett ...

we delete existing shares first within the scrip then reconnect them...

REM Delete existing mappings
@echo off
net use g: /delete
net use h: /delete
net use x: /delete
@echo off
REM Map drives

net use g: \\sever_name\share
net use h: \\server_name\%username%$
net use x: \\server_name\share

note the h: is for the home drive mapping,



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Not quite it

by rrudolph In reply to mapping users drives

Thank You, Soulby for you answer, but simply mapping a drive letter to a directory does not change the home drive's drive letter in the user's profile. Meaning, if you go to user manager and look at user's X account. Their home directory will have a drive letter of G: (for example). How can I change that drive letter to W: using a logon script? So when I look in the users profile their home directory drive letter is now W:.

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