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Home directory drive mapping issues!!!

By patrick.shepherd ·
I have a enduser that has a program that requires a drive mapping of H:. Of course, his profile under server 2003 sets his home directory as H:. I have removed the home directory in AD and there is not a logon script running. At some point drive H: gets mapped back to his home directory, even though he has no home directory associated with his profile. Help!!!

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Local Drive Mappings

by dbristol In reply to Home directory drive mapp ...

Have similar problems migrating from NT to 2003. User profiles were retaining drive map settings. Have user login, then disconnect H: drive map.

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by patrick.shepherd In reply to Local Drive Mappings

He has dissconected the share to the home directory. The app that uses another mapping to a subfolder must us the drive letter H:. The thing is, at some point or during the next logon, the drive is mapped backed to his home directory, Which has been removed from his profile setting in AD. He has no logon script running that would do this.

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Here's a shot at it...

by tkyser In reply to

The app wants to use drive letter H:...
For some reason The NOS wants to map H: to his home directory...

What if you set his home directory to be where the app wants drive H: pointed to?

This isn't a fix for the root cause, but may be a work-around.

Good Luck,

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by patrick.shepherd In reply to Here's a shot at it...

I will give it a shot. Thanks for the tip!

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Home Directory Drive Mapping Issues

by tomreddekopp In reply to

Sounds like a shortcut or program is mapping the directory. We migrated from NT to AD and had issues where users had shortcuts with h:\server\share\user in the target field. 2000 and XP will automatically map that drive if it is not already.

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Good Workaround

by paulwestlake In reply to Home Directory Drive Mapp ...

Create a script that remaps the drive the way you need. Have the script launch the program in question, all the while it checks the application/process until it is not open, then remap the drive to the original.


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