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Home Directory mapping %username%$

By portabletelly ·
When making bulk changes to user accounts in USER MANAGER in NT, to map home directories. I made the following changes U: \\\%username%$ the share does not map at login.

However if I change the home directory path to U: \\\joeblogs$ the share mapps fine. I believe there may be an issue in having $ signs straight after a %username%.

Please help

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I could see that being a MAJOR problem. The dollar sign indicates a share that should be hidden from share browsing. There is no reasonable need to hide your shares 99% of the time, especially since the share names are so easily guessed in this case. Dump the dollarsign on the share, you will be much happier.

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for something like home directories, there really isn't a need to make it a hidden share. if everybody has one, everybody knows it, nothing worthy of hiding.

with that said, if you want to further test your theory that the $ after the variable causes a problem, try mapping that drive from a command line using the variable and see what it does.

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Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon? as ?Enabled?,

by neo In reply to Home Directory mapping %u ...

1. Click on Start -> Run
2. Type GPEDIT.msc and press <Enter>
3. Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Administrative templates -> System -> Logon
4. Configure the policy ?Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon? as ?Enabled?, as shown in this picture below:
5. Make sure that this policy is not also configured as a global policy and set to ?Disabled?, as the global policy will override the local one we are setting up.
6. Restart the machine and try to reproduce the problem.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Home Directory mapping %u ...

is how i used to add users. yes.txt contains y

@echo on
net user %1 %2 /add /fullname:"%3 %4 %5" /comment:"Student user" /homedir:%LOGONSERVER%\%1$ /profilepath:%LOGONSERVER%\Prof_NT$\students\%1 /scriptpath:Student.bat

net group "Domain Students" %1 /add /Domain

md %LOGONSERVER%\prof_95$\students\%1

cacls %LOGONSERVER%\prof_95$\students\%1 /T /G "Administrators":F %1:F <YES.TXT

md %LOGONSERVER%\prof_NT$\students\%1

cacls %LOGONSERVER%\prof_NT$\students\%1 /T /G "Administrators":F %1:F <YES.TXT

md d:\users\home\students\%1

cacls d:\users\home\students\%1 /T /G "Administrators":F "Domain Staff":F %1:F <YES.TXT

net share %1$=d:\users\home\students\%1 /y

and this is the logon script for a 98 PC.

@echo off
net use G: /home
net use I: \\"server"\studentsro
net use J: \\"server"\staffro$
net use K: \\"server"\acd
net use S: \\"server"\students$
net use O: \\"server"\faculty$

It is awhile since i used NT4 it may give you a clue.

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