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By jotto ·
I created a home directory for about 20 people on our network. It works fine, but it won't map automatically on boot up. I have to manually map each persons pc. I thought if you create the home directory in the users profile it maps each PC at boot up. Do I need to write a script to do this?


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by retro77 In reply to Home Directory Mappings

You would need to create a login script for it. One good thing is that if all of the user folders are in the same location, you can use the %USERNAME% variable:


So Paul would get his P: mapped to \\FILESERV\SHARE\Paul

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net use x: /home

by Churdoo In reply to Home Directory Mappings

Another option along the same lines as retro, is to use the /home switch of the net use command, i.e.
net use x: /home
will map x: to the home directory that you've specified for the user in their ADUC user properties. Put this in a common login script that runs for any user and you're done. I think the /home switch is valid from Win 2K and newer (not NT nor 9x).

Any mapping I do in a login script, I precede with a disconnect to make sure the drive letter is not in use, example:
net use x: /d >nul
net use x: /home

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